The Tangut Language is an ancient and extinct Sino-Tibetan language that existed in the Tangut Kingdom of China until the 16th Century, and was one of the official languages during the Western Xia Dynasty, which became independent from the Song Dynasty. The language became extinct and all information of it was nearly lost when the Mongols from Mongolia led by Genghis Khan invaded Western Xia in 1226.

Description Edit

The language heavily bears resemblance to the Khitan and Chinese characters, and is classified as a Semanto-Phonetic Language. The language follows a [Consonant][Vowel] (CV) structure for its words, and is heavily influenced by tone control.

Phonology Edit

Most of the dialect is currently unknown, and has yet to be fully understood, but Tangut's phonology has been investigated, although with absolute difficulty.

Letter IPA Letter IPA