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Ancient Languages


The Ancient Languages Wikia is intended as a repository of knowledge concerning all ancient languages--those spoken before the 6th century A.D. We're interested in the phonology, morphology, syntax, and history of these tongues, and we would also like to create lessons so that the interested student may have the knowledge to translate the original texts.

Specifically, we would like to describe all of the languages in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages. See the Goals page for a complete list of these languages and the specific pages.

Where to start

Ancient languages
Indo-European Hittite | Luvian | Palaic | Lycian | Lydian | Carian | Attic Greek | Greek Dialects | Sanskrit | Middle Indic | Old Persian | Avestan | Pahlavi | Latin | Old Latin | Oscan | Umbrian | Venetic | Continental Celtic | Gothic | Ancient Nordic
Afro-Asiatic Egyptian | Akkadian | Ugaritic | Hebrew | Phoenician | Aramaic | Ge'ez | Old South Arabian | Ancient North Arabian
Unknown origin Sumerian | Etruscan
Caucasian Hurrian | Urartian | Early Georgian
Other Elamite | Ancient Chinese | Mayan | Epi-Olmec | Old Tamil

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